Turnkey PCBA testing and provisioning

Testing your PCBA's can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

Everything you need

The EVAjig is a testing device, complete with dashboard and portal. It is all you need to start programming, provisioning and testing your PCBAs. EVAjig offers easily exchangeable cassettes and wide variety of general functionality. This makes the EVAjig the test device of choice when looking to test many different PCB designs.

Manage your test results and keep an eye on production all in one place.


Optimize production

Test your Printed Circuit Boards professionally.

Modular test tool

Single tester multiple cassettes.

Save space by needing only cassettes in storage, not entire cabinets. Our test tool features quick swapping of test testups, this means you only need one EVAjig for testing multiple projects

Advanced provisioning and programming

Ready for the internet of things.

Advanced provisioning, programming and functional testing of devices, one tool to handle even the most difficult to provision IOT devices. If you need to provision certificates, custom keys, program your devices or electrically test your PCBA's EVAjig will make this easy and enjoyable


Identify devices with barcode scanners.

EVAjig tracks your devices by scanning barcodes on devices and allows integration with external API's to streamline production.

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We currently offer a limited time lease of our EVAjigs. Contact us to see if you're eligable fo the offer.

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Technical details

IO Module

IO Module specifications

power4x (-24V to 24V)12 bit, current up to 4A
digital IO pins18x (1.8V to 5.0V)IO Voltage controlled by reference pin
analog Out pins4x (-24V to 24V)12 bit, shared with Power pins
analog In pins8x (-24 to 24V)24 bit
protocolsSPI, U(S)ART, I2C, RS232, RS485, Ethernet

See downloads section for more detailed information. Please contact EVAbits when a feature that you require is not listed.


Every project is unique, but we can give you an indication.

Full EVAjig

Full EVAjig for testing 12 devices in parallel.

€ 34999
€ 29999

  • includes 1 Basic Cassette
  • includes 12 IO Modules
  • includes 1 year portal access
  • Test 12 devices in parallel
  • Supports barcode/QR scanning
  • Supports barcode/QR printing
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Cassette only

If you own or rent an EVAjig you only need a cassette.

From € 2999

  • Basic: up to 120 testpoints
  • Standard: up to 600 testpoints
  • Premium: custom functionality
  • Optional module: barcode scanner
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Additional IO module

You can always add IO modules as needed.

€ 499

  • Test more devices in parallel
  • 18x digital IO
  • 4x analog Out or Power
  • 8x analog In
  • Supports I2C, SPI and U(S)ART
  • Optional: Customized IO module
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EVAbits and EVAjig are trusted by a growing number of companies

    • Medusa
    • Zonneplan
    • Acquiant
    • Tizin